Bianca, 22, LAX

somewhere, I am known as "hater of pants".

This is just a hodgepodge of random things I find on the internet that make me happy, or sad, or angry (but mostly happy). see my wordpress for blog posts I write.

Questions from trickystick sound like a good procrastination method.

1. Fav book and why? (Not like I’m farming recommendations or anything sssh)
David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, because it makes me feel less messed up. Also, Julian Barnes’ The Sense of an Ending. So good. <3

2. Fav food?
Banana mint cake.

3. Which country would you want to live in the most?
Honestly? Anywhere in Scandinavia seems like it would be really nice.  But I’m in LA right now and I really can’t complain.

4. Any plans for the future? (can be relatively small stuff if not really having plans like me)
Law school on Tuesday. Reading, damn it. And finishing up Coppelion and Nisekoi batches. Yeah, I’m setting the standard for living the dream.

5. Dang this is already hard. Bonus question for you to make up and answer yourself!
Just gonna quickly tell you all that I haven’t been watching as much TV as I was previously. What.

6. Did you read Animal Ark?

7. Opinion on beanie babies and Wild Nici?
Adorable, overpriced, and I don’t know why my parents keep buying Nici for themselves.

Depends on my mood. Usually, I crave sorbet.

9. How would you classify your dress sense?
Nonexistent. Um, I guess I like a lot of skirts these days.

10. What’s the skill you have that you’re most confident in?
Good question. Driving other people crazy.

I’m gonna tag: calvinwithac, catatonicdisasters, trickystick and @justtrackingnotprocrastinating, a girl I met on the bus yesterday. Hello, I think you’re cool.

Ten questions:
1. What’s your favourite book?
2. Tell me something funny that happened today.
3. Board games or video games? What’s your favourite?
4. Tell me about your searched tags on Tumblr.
5. How many hours do you sleep per day?
6. Who is your favourite celebrity (living, dead or fictional)?
7. What are your future plans?
8. What was your last purchase?
9. What do you do when you feel nostalgic?
10. Show me your best picture.